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I have written the following articles:

Open Source Software Projects

Over the years I have contributed to various open source software projects. I have listed some of these below. See my GitHub profile for a more complete list of contributions.

Dragonfly (maintainer)

Speech Recognition Framework Python package

Note: I am not the original author of Dragonfly. I maintain a "fork" of the original t4ngo/dragonfly project by Christo Butcher.


JSpeech Grammar Format (JSGF) compiler, matcher and parser Python package


Alternative Python API for CMU Pocket Sphinx

Miscellaneous Projects

Android & iOS Apps

I have written a number of mobile applications for Android and iOS. These are listed below, with the appropriate links.

Timers Android App

Multiple countdown timers Android app

Sound Stop iOS App

Decibel-based audio playback control app for iOS

TTS Util Android App

Text-to-speech Utility Android app

Contact me

If you want to get in touch with me, the best way is email. My address is dane@danefinlay.net. I can also be contacted on GitHub or Gitter. My username on both sites is @Danesprite.

My PGP public key is available here if you wish to communicate securely.